lunedì 2 aprile 2012

Un grazie a Judy Gombita, Thank you Judy

Un ringraziamento speciale a Judy Gombita, di PrConversations, per quanto scrive su Google+ riguardo alla nostra collaborazione, che ha portato al mio guest post Italian Women in Pr: challenges and opportunities.

“ I salute the joy of international relationships with individuals such as Enrica Orecchia who contributed the Italian women in PR: challenges and opportunities Op-Ed on PR Conversations that posted Monday. (And I hope +Guy Kawasaki knows what an incredible thrill it was for Enrica's post to make it into the AlltopPR Twitter stream.) Enrica was so smart and fun to work with and incredibly appreciative of the opportunity to do a guest post on our international, collaborative blog--in turn, we adored working with her.”

Grazie Judy, per me è stato splendido lavorare con te e mi auguro di poter collaborare ancora in futuro.

Very special thanks to Judy Gombita for her Google+ post on our cooperation, resulting in my guest post on PrConversations. I really loved to work with you, Judy. Contributing to PrConversations has been such a great experience and I hope I will get a chance of publishing something again in the future.

And, yes, you can bet I was incredibly thrilled to be mentioned by Guy Kawasaki.

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Judy Gombita ha detto...

Prego, Enrica!

I really did enjoy working with you on your post. And guess what? That person who inquired about also doing a guest post is indeed Italian...and was inspired by you appearing on PR Conversations.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend with your daughter!


P.S. When I spent time in Vasto a few years ago, everyone insisted I must be Italian because of my surname. An Honorary Italian?

Enrica Orecchia ha detto...

Hi Judy !

An Honorary Italian ? Sure ! Not only by your surname but by your looks as well !

Thanks for the Eastern wishes and I entirely reciprocate them.

all the best,